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When it comes to custom Packaging, Sublimation Vancouver provides the best mix of quality and affordability & you can design your own.

custom packaging designs

Why Packaging is Important?

Product packaging is an important aspect of a product’s marketing appeal. When packaging a product, it is important to maximize the impact that the packaging will have on consumers. Packaging should also be designed to protect the product delivered to customers, as it plays an integral role in why the product will or won’t sell.

The Sublimation Vancouver sustainable packaging line includes custom, printed packaging that promotes both the environment and your brand—for a fraction of the cost. Our options include textile-like wallpaper, recycled paperboard, and custom biodegradable bubble mailers. We can even add your logo. Our streamlined order process makes it easy to choose customized packaging from our selection of eco-friendly materials.

Why Choose Sublimation Vancouver for choosing your Packaging Design?

Sublimation Vancouver pride itself for innovation and competitiveness, and with that being said we do our best to encompass the needs of all customers.

  • ○ Can supply your blank apparel or use your own pieces

  • ○ Can print on all colors & fabrics 

  • ○ Offers custom packaging options such as bellybandsHangtagssock boxes and polybags 

  • ○ Design, Packaging & Fulfillment available 

  • ○ Can provide printed samples & proofs

custom packaging designs

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