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Our wide selection of printed polybags provide the solution for merchandise packaging and promotional materials. Polybags are ideal for gifts, merchandise, foodstuffs, packaging and more. Printed polybags offer a lightweight, inexpensive way to showcase your products.

custom polybags

Why PolyBags are good for packaging

Polybags are much more cost effective as compared to traditional rigid boxes. Besides, poly bags are an ideal material for retailers who offer products that need to be packaged. Available in a variety of sizes with different mil grades, the poly bags can be used to package books and even snacks.

Our polybag was designed for every day and is extremely convenient and versatile. Coming in different sizes, colors, shapes and thickness you are sure to find the right plastic bag for you.

Then, personalize your polybags for custom advertising and promotion. We use recycled products to create a modern and innovative image. You can customize it to print with company names or logos are ideal for business promotions.


Why Sublimation Vancouver?

We were built to be flexible, and with that being said we do our best to encompass the needs of all customers.

  • ○ Can supply your blank apparel or use your own pieces

  • ○ Can print on all colors & fabrics 

  • ○ Provides other packaging options such as Hangtagssock boxes and bellybands

  • ○ Design, Packaging & Fulfillment available 

  • ○ Can provide printed samples & proofs

custom polybags

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